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The Poor Man's ETL to BigQuery

In bigquery, devops, rails

Getting your application’s data into a common data warehouse in order to do various reporting or business intelligence work is pretty common and also pretty useful. I often reach for Google’s BigQuery product for this since their web UI and simple connections to reporting are easy for others to use out of the box. BigQuery is also widely supported in various other tools such as Metabase which makes it even easier for self-service analytics for your team.

The deployment dashboard Kamal needs

In devops, kamal, mrsk

When I was working at SXSW I built a simple deployment dashboard status tool as a way to keep track of the dozens of applications getting deployed on a daily and weekly basis. It was a quick and simple way for the team to see when something was last deployed, what changes went out with that deploy, what changes are waiting to go out, who actually deployed last, and a few other details. We called it Ketchup, as in to catch up on what has and hasn’t been deployed. The name was cleverly lifted from the Ketchup line in Pulp Fiction, kudos to Mike for that one.

Automating your MRSK setup with Terraform

In devops, mrsk, rails, terraform

MRSK is a great leap forward in the container management and orchestration world. It’s a simple and fast approach to easily managing containers on whatever cloud or hardware you want to run your applications on. In the MRSK demo video DHH utilizes Digital Ocean and Hetzner to setup the infrastructure that he eventually deploys to and it’s really just a few clicks in the relevant hosting dashboard, easy peasy. I went through the same dashboard setup to get my first MRSK project deployed but then figured I’d codify into Terraform so that it’s easy to get started with a new project or to start working on migrating an existing project.