Nick Hammond

Software Developer, Cyclist, & Traveler.


In productivity

A lot of people talk about how important your morning routine is. They talk about building an exact morning routing and then sticking to it, building the habit. I used to attempt to build one of these very specific morning routines and then it would just become monotonous and too routine. It’d be too easy to fall out of and then I’d feel guilty that I was giving up and not sticking to it.

Instead I’ve opted for building my morning routine from a collection of activities. The only required morning routine I have currently is getting up early and “early” depends on the day. After getting up early it’s a random combination of activities but the most important part is ensuring that you’re dedicating a bit of time to yourself to get the day started.

On any given morning you’ll find me meditating, reading, going to the gym, watching too many Casey Neistat videos, making a full breakfast, catching up on The Leftovers, journaling, running, writing a new issue for atxup, grabbing a coffee at Patika, yoga, or devouring breakfast tacos. It’s not important which activities I end up doing, it’s that I’m starting the day off the way I’d like.

It’s your morning, it’s your life. Do what you want to.

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