Nick Hammond

Software Developer, Cyclist, & Traveler.

It's all about the execution

In product

Once a week I sit down with my notebook and jot down 10-20 ideas. The ideas can be anything from business ideas to ideas on being more efficient throughout the day, whatever comes to mind when I start basically.

One of the brief ideas I had a few weeks ago was a group email service. A service for club sport groups, groups of friends, planning a trip, SXSW RSVP lists, etc. Basically an easy way to keep everyone up to date around some common thread.

Authlogic and automatic logouts

In rails

I recently added in a timed automatic logout to an application that pays attention to user interaction as well as Authlogic's lastrequestat magic field. If you just need the user to be automatically logged out after 15 minutes and it's ok to have them kicked out on the next request then the native functionality within Authlogic will work great, take a look at the Authlogic::Session::Timeout section in the documentation.