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You should use Sunrise to manage your calendar

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I’ve been using Sunrise as my default calendar for a few months and I can’t imagine it any other way.

Here are my favorite features and why you should switch:

Condensed day view, just see what you have going on and that’s it.

With some of the calendar applications you get an hour by hour breakdown, such a waste of space and time to scroll through. With Sunrise you get a morning, afternoon, and evening breakdown with the weather and your events mixed in. On a business trip? The weather will be relevant to where you’ll actually be.

Beautiful icons automatically based on the event. Sunrise has a collection of icons and depending on the event it’ll try and pick a relevant icon.

Rich event details help with mapping and tieing your event to a physical place. When you’re adding an event it grabs your location and checks for business around you and then you can attach it to that business.

Picking the location for an event

Location details

Easily message the attendees of your calendar event. Excited for your lunch with Brett tomorrow? Why not send him a tweet and let him know? He’d appreciate the love.

The wonderful time selector is a great solution to picking the start and end times of an event. Tap the start time and it defaults to an hour for the event, if that’s too long then just drag the bottom handle up to the desired time.

Display the current day on the Sunrise icon by changing your preferences. Ideally it’d be just like the Apple Calendar application icon but that’s a closed Apple kind of thing, great workaround.

Real time push sync with Gcal was just added with the latest release. Add an event in Gcal and it’ll be added immediately to your calendar. With most calendar applications they run a sync job on an interval(every hour for example) which can leave your calendar behind and waste battery life as well.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this brief tour of Sunrise! You should most definitely download Sunrise, it’s available for your iPhone, Desktop, or Android device.

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